What is an Ontario Health Team (OHT)?

Ontario Health Teams (OHT’s) were introduced in 2019 as a new model of care delivery throughout Ontario. The main objective of OHT’s are to provide a fully coordinated continuum of care for patients, even if the care providers do not exist within the same organization. Health care providers work together behind the scenes to establish clear lines of communication, achieve common goals and improve the overall experience for not only the patient but providers too!  There are currently over 50 OHT’s in Ontario and at maturity, all Ontarians will have access to an OHT.

Expected outcomes of OHT’s:

  • Connected patient experience
  • Community Engagement
  • 24/7 support for patients
  • Enable digital tools to provide virtual care
  • Care for one defined patient population
  • Single point of clinical and fiscal accountability
  • Defined performance model


The Brantford Brant Norfolk Ontario Health Team

The Brantford Brant Ontario Health Team was officially approved in November of 2020 by the Government of Ontario with 14 community partners.

In early 2022, the OHT partnered with Norfolk to expand upon already existing relationships amongst health care providers. With the addition of Norfolk, our OHT now includes over 20 health organizations!

Our Vision


The more information, education and control we have as clients, caregivers & health providers the better! 

We believe that the health system should be easy to understand and navigate so that clients can feel confident in their care.


This means support for everyone. 

For the client: support in knowing you are receiving the best care possible!

For the caregiver: support in knowing you are never alone!

For the provider:  We see the meaningful work you are doing & we are advocating for you!


We aim to provide 24/7 access to health system navigation tools that will allow clients and caregivers to find support at any time of the day.

Persons with Lived Experience (PWLE) in our local health systems also have the ability to share their stories and collaborate with local providers through our PWLE committee!

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