The Brantford Brant Norfolk Primary Care Council (PCC)

The Brantford Brant Norfolk Primary Care Council is a largely self-organized group that has been actively engaged as a Brantford Brant Norfolk Ontario Health Team partner since 2019. The Council has been remarkably successful in providing leadership and a cohesive voice for primary care providers in the region.

The group is currently comprised of representatives of the majority of primary care organizations within Brantford Brant and Norfolk, which are affiliated with approximately 101 Nurse Practitioners and Physicians providing care to a patient population of over 200,000. Members have volunteered their time to contribute to many of the Ontario Health Team’s working groups and its overall leadership structure, and have leveraged a collective sense of purpose to spearhead the community’s response to COVID-19.


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Current Work

The 2022-2025 Primary Care Strategic Plan is one of the first regional provider-led initiatives of its kind in Ontario and will serve as a guide for future health system planning in Brantford Brant and Norfolk.

The plan elaborates on five main strategic objectives:

  • Address provider burnout
  • Improve local access to primary care
  • Enhance communication
  • Increase community supports for complex patients
  • Advocate for increased provincial support for primary care

View the 2022-2025 Brantford Brant Norfolk Primary Care Strategic Plan.

COVID, Cold, Flu Care Clinics (CCFCC) provide an alternative to ER or urgent care for patients experiencing viral symptoms requiring evaluation and enhance access for those who may qualify for antiviral treatment.

Learn more about The Brantford Brant and Norfolk CCFCCs here

Planning is underway to create a separate service for coverage of newborn care in hospital that would be staffed by family physicians or hospitalists.

Town Halls designated for local Primary Care Providers.  A welcoming environment that encourages discussion and collaboration.

If you are a primary care provider in Brantford Brant or Norfolk please email to receive zoom invitations to our next town hall event.

A committee is in development to expand recruitment for primary care across Brantford, Brant and Norfolk. 

Collaboration across our region would help to create and communicate an up-to-date roster of who is accepting new patients.

Active Members

  • Dr. Scott Elliott - Chair
  • Dr. Danielle Major – Vice Chair
  • Dr. Beverly Jones - Secretariat
  • Dr. Alison Baker
  • Dr. John McDonald
  • Dr. Ross Male
  • Dr. John Hadley
  • Dr. Monique Robichaud​​​
  • Dr. Bernie McNeil
  • Dr. Ivan Shcherbatykh
  • Dr. Lauren Kielstra – Associate Member
  • Dr. Matt Kennedy – Associate Member
  • Dr. Michael Pysklywec – Associate Member
  • Dr. Jessica Dooley – Associate Member
  • Dr. Sydney Godzisz – Associate Member
  • Alix Consorti – Associate Member
  • Chris Savard  – Associate Member
  • Dr. David Vincent 
  • Ben Deignan
  • Peter Szota
  • Dr. Bill Thorogood – Associate Member
  • Dr. Wahid Pabani – Associate Member
  • Robin Mackie

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